Erin + Jason Wedding, Centreville, Virginia

A HUGE thank you, to the bride and groom, their family, and friends who welcomed me into their lives for a day, and allowed me to document all of their participation in love and happiness!

From the door -literally-  I was made to feel extremely comfortable.  An old-goodie was playing softly in the background, warm handshakes with smiles were given, and the words "make yourself at home," just did something to me!  It sounded and felt genuine.  While I did not fully exercise the invitation to do so- I had a job to do- a quick imagination of me sitting on their couch in relaxation did flash in my mind, and it all helped put me at a certain ease.

This warm invitation from the door by the bride's parents was indicative of the type of people who participated in the celebration of Erin and Jason's coming together as husband and wife.  Happy.  Warm.  Inviting.  Good taste.

The wedding was held at Steve and Beth's lovely home in Centreville, Virginia.  The backyard was lovely, and although there was concern about the imposing rain that may occur, the rain held up!  While I'm happy the rain held up, I was thanking God for the heavy clouds that persisted throughout the ceremony.  The light couldn't be more beautiful to accentuate how pretty the backyard, and it's setup was.  Most people may think that sunny is better, but I tend to think that overcast, soft light is more flattering for such an occasion.

Below you will find some of my favs from the day's event.  I think you will see genuine happiness on the faces of everyone present.  I think that the whole family might be plagued with the curse of beautiful smiles.

I also want to thank and acknowledge the other vendors who worked to make the day a success.  They too were inviting, warm, and friendly.


| Kelli Sill of Glass Arrow films

Hair + Makup | by Marisol (Sisi) Hayes

Day-of-Coordinator | Brittany Coffman


| Incredible DJ's


| Black Velvet Photobooth

Florist | Erin Darby, the bride herself!!  The work is AMAZING

Catering | Emily Rincon


| Sammy's Rentals


 | Josef Sullivan (me of course)

When I saw this moment between mother and daughter on my computer, I thought, "twins!"  I then thought about what it may be like to look at a younger, splitting image of yourself participating in an event that you participated in years ago.  The gaze into each other's eyes...

I always love moments like these, that shows the cycle of a child that may one day participate in a marriage of their own.

This little one made me think about potentially doing some child photography!  

Ha!  I love receptions!

See above caption!