Erin + Matt Wedding // Alexandria, Virginia

My youngest son, Ezra, has this term that he loves to use: super cool!  That’s how I would describe Erin and Matt, their parents, family, and friends.  Erin and Matt were laid back, down-to-earth, friendly, fun, kind, and welcoming.  That is the impression they have left on me- personally- after sharing life with them for a day.  Observing them, on the other hand, I can see a love, warmth, and tenderness that they share between each other that I hope I was able to document in a way that does it justice.  

Below is an extended version of some of my favorites.  Enjoy. 

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Just went through the entire blog, we love the photos!!  You captured some great moments and we can't wait to share them with our family and friends.
-Erin & Matt

Some of the vendors that contributed to the wedding day are: