Ania + Jeremy Wedding // Spotsylvania, Virginia // Stevenson Ridge

From the very beginning, Ania was a person who I felt like I've known for years.  Her personality moved me out of a professional feeling shell into a more jovial, friendly demeanor.  Quite honestly, she left an impression on me that was later transferred to my wife as I expressed to my wife how I felt after the short phone chat I had with Ania.

The thought entered my mind that this person who was able to move me with sheer kindness had to have beautiful people around her.  An eagerness to document the experience between her, her beloved, family, and friends was aroused.  

The day of the wedding was no let down.  Ania and Jeremy's kindness continued.  They provided lunch and dinner for me.  At the end of the night I was surprised with a tip that I never expected or even considered!  They gave me a tip because they wanted me to "feel special" on their special day.

Ania and Jeremy were married at Stevenson Ridge surrounded by the love of beautiful people— as I expected— with beautiful actions, words, and language.

Ania and Jeremy, may your roots grow deep!


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