Megan + Byron Wedding // Hampton, Virginia

It's been a moment since my last blog, but here I am, and with a new wedding to show!  

From the very beginning when I first spoke with Megan on the phone, we got along great!  We had a few things in common and she seemed like a very upbeat, and genuinely nice person.  When I finally met her in person on her wedding day she was exactly that!  All smiles, joyful, and genuinely happy.  Not only her, but you can tell that Byron is a happy man when he looks into the eyes of his bride.  

The wedding was held under a Gazebo at Continental Park in Hampton, Virginia.  The reception was at the Virginia Air & Space Center.  It was an exciting, eventful day, but instead of writing too much about it, hopefully you can see and feel it in the images below.  

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