Do you have any memberships or affiliations?

Yes.  I am a member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA).  Here is what they have to say:

"The Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) is a professional organization composed of photojournalists and wedding photographers from around the world. What sets our members apart in the industry is their candid, documentary approach – a distinctly artistic vision toward wedding photography.

The Wedding Photojournalist Association puts the world’s best wedding photography at your fingertips. We offer a new perspective on wedding photography - quietly capturing the real moments as they happen for the bride and groom. It is our goal to use photography to tell the story of your wedding day, not dictate it for you."

I am also a member of the Artistic Guild of the WPJA, which is a separate entity from the WPJA.  

"The Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association is a group of international wedding photojournalists, who capture unscripted wedding moments as they happen, and excel in the art of post-production image processing."


How much are your services?

Wedding packages begin at $3500.  You can view a more detailed pricing breakdown on my pricing page.  A signed contract and a $1000 ($1500 for destinations) deposit is required to secure a date for your wedding.  Collections can be custom designed to fit your needs.  A custom design may also warrant a custom quote.  

A signed contract is necessary for an a la carte engagement shoot.  If you would like to book a date and time slot to reserve it for your session, a $100 booking deposit is required.  Final payment is due no later than the day prior to the shoot.   


How do I book you for my wedding, etc.?

Once you reach out to me and we discuss your needs and wants, I provide you with a service agreement for your review.  After the signing of the service agreement, a non-refundable deposit  of $1000 ($1500 for destinations) is required to secure your date.  The deposit amount is subtracted from the final payment.  The final payment is due four weeks in advance of the event.  


Will you hold the date if I promise to book you in a few days? 

I work on a first come, first served basis.  I am booked when the contract is signed, and the booking deposit has been cleared.


Hands on, Hands off?

I’m more hands off for sure!  My portfolio is a great example of my hands off work, but you should really look at my features and blogs as I provide more images from weddings or sessions and not just one-offs.  This will give you a more in-depth view of  how I may cover a whole day, and capture organic moments.  Though I am hands off, I am building a section on tips that you can view here.  It will be built more over time.


How do we book our engagement session?

Engagement sessions are on a first come, first served basis.  My weekends are reserved for weddings during peak season (April - November).  Weekdays at 1.5hr before sunset work best. 


Will you travel outside of Virginia?

Sure.  All travel expenses are now covered in the collection prices.

What if I don't see a product or service that I want I'm interested in?

Don't hesitate to ask me about it.  Chances are we can work out the details, and in those instances where we can't, I will be honest and gentle about it.


How many images do I get?

I provide all of what I deem the best images of your day that tell the story. I typically average between 500-600 images (for eight hour weddings) in a final collection, but different circumstances affect those numbers. I prefer to think about telling your story and not so much about having to meet a specific number of images.  


I like a lot of posed images, and I really like your work.  Will you take a lot of posed images for the final collection?

If you like my work, almost all of the images on my site, if not all, are non-posed images.  Candid imagery should be your preference if you're thinking about selecting me for your day.  


Do you photograph family portraits/bridal party images on the day of the wedding?

As a matter of record for your memories, I will at the clients request.  I'm comfortable with a small handful of group shots with the party, followed by natural, intimate moments with your spouse.  I am confident that great moments will be captured of your family, party, etc., even without formals.  


Do You Have Liability Insurance?

Yes.  If your venue needs proof of insurance, I will be happy to provide them with my certificate.