I am a working wedding and couples photographer.  After reviewing this site more fully, I hope that it lends credibility to my ability to work a camera and provide some basic post-production results.  If you like what you see, and feel that you may gain something from me, feel free to reach out to me via the form below.  

I am a natural light photographer and will only discuss natural light workings in these classes.

These classes will be a plain speaking, get down to business, get up and running classes, and not super-techy, mathematical, scientific classes.  


Photography Class

Follow & Shoot

Follow me for an hour to see how I document couples during lifestyle sessions (non-wedding)

Bring your camera along for shooting opportunities during the lifestyle session

Bring your computer along for post-production work on images after the Lifestyle session

Class Pricing

Follow & Shoot Classes $350

Allows the student to follow me while shooting a couple for an hour so they can view how I work, but also shoot for images that may add to their own portfolios.  This class will allow for questions after the class, and the opportunity to hangout afterward for an hour to do post production work in Lightroom.  Student should have their own Adobe software and image transfer equipment.  IMportant note: I am not a Poser. This is not a class on how to pose couples. My work is obtained without trying to pose a couple. Please see my couples Gallery or view some Lifestyle blogs to see the type of work that I turn out without posing.


Fill out the form below to get the ball rolling if you’re interested! All the best!

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