I am a working wedding and couples photographer.  After reviewing this site more fully, I hope that it lends credibility to my ability to work a camera and provide some basic post-production results.  If you like what you see, and feel that you may gain something from me, feel free to reach out to me via the form below.  

I am a natural light photographer and will only discuss natural light workings in these classes.

These classes will be a plain speaking, get down to business, get up and running classes, and not super-techy, mathematical, scientific classes.  


Photography Classes

out of Full Auto

Metering - the meter bar, and the types of metering

Focus - The types of focusing

The Three Amigos (Shutter speed, Aperture, Iso)- what they do individually & how they relate to one another

Semi Auto mode

How light can trick the camera (up or down brightness issues) 

Exposure compensation - For when light tricks the camera, or for creativity

White balance - How to use it, if you use it. 

Histogram- reading results or pre-shot considerations (when applicable)

We will begin camera work in complete manual mode to explore the characteristics of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.  We will also explore their relationship to one another to get a better idea of what to do in various photographic circumstances.  

Once we have a grasp on this mode and the functionalities of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO we will go over other functionalities (listed above) including semi auto modes like aperture priority (named differently for other cameras, but the same function) and how to manipulate the camera to do what we want it to do in different scenarios.  

This is a basic but important class that will help you with the basics of shooting and obtaining basic creative results.

My LightRoom Workflow

Importing Photos

Making selections & ratings

What the tools do

Using the panels

Creating Presets

Working from presets

exporting photos

This class goes over importing photos into Lightroom and using the tools to develop an image from beginning to end. Introduction to the tools and panels will allow for increased creative opportunities in image post-production work.

Follow & Shoot

Follow me for an hour to see how I document couples during lifestyle sessions (non-wedding)

Bring your camera along for shooting opportunities during the lifestyle session

Bring your computer along for post-production work on images after the Lifestyle session

Class Pricing

Video Chat Classes $75/hr

Allows for classes to be had w/o travel and travel expenses

In-Person Classes $150/hr

Allows for the student and I to handle the cameras together for in-person experiments in cause and effect (e.g. in-person exercises in aperture effects etc. ), or work closely together in Lightroom.  May require additional travel expenses.

Follow & Shoot Classes $350

Allows the student to follow me while shooting a couple for an hour so they can view how I work, but also shoot for images that may add to their own portfolios.  This class will allow for questions after the class, and the opportunity to hangout afterward for an hour to do post production work in Lightroom.  Student should have their own Adobe software and image transfer equipment.  IMportant note: I am not a Poser. This is not a class on how to pose couples. My work is obtained without trying to pose a couple. Please see my couples Gallery or view some Lifestyle blogs to see the type of work that I turn out without posing.

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A few Things to Note

Depending on availability, classes may include 1-5 people per class.  

There are many camera manufacturers who place buttons and controls in different places.  Student should have a basic knowledge where these buttons and functions are on their own camera, or at a minimum have the camera’s manual on hand for on the spot research.  

Student’s camera should have manual capabilities (control over shutter speed, ISO, and Aperture), and partial auto modes such as the ability to manipulate the aperture or shutter speeds independently. 

These are digital camera classes, not film.