Photo Walk // Chatham Manor // Fredericksburg VA

Today I went on a photo walk.  Sometimes you just have to get out and go create; go practice; go explore; go play.  Just don’t be like me and make assumptions about your camera’s battery life without checking.  I went out to shoot, and while I was shooting I noticed that my battery life was near death, so I had to turn the camera off every time I stopped shooting, or looked around for subjects, angles, etc.

Once upon a time I would have fallen to the temptation to take everything with me, but I traveled light.  I only took my camera, and one lens (50mm 1.4).  It’s a good thing I didn’t bring everything!  I went out to shoot after noon, but it was an overcast day, and that’s what the forecast called for, so I thought I was straight as far as avoiding the mid-afternoon sun, but once the clouds scattered, I started to melt away right there in the garden.  

Before that happened I was able to work with a few models (statues) and capture a few subjects and scenes from the walk.  


Wanna see dem?  Here dey go…